“I first met Nigel Pearce when I joined Future Radio in February 2019 – he volunteers at the radio station, presenting a weekly Sunday afternoon show, Groove Britain, along with his co-host, Alan Thompson. We instantly fell into a conversation about The Beatles. This guy knows his stuff I thought.
What I didn’t realise at the time was just how much knowledge and just how much stuff Nigel has! He spoke about his Beatles collection, sure, but it wasn’t until I read the first volume of ‘Inside No.3’ that it became clear that I had been talking to one of the nation’s leading experts and collectors of all things Apple Corps.
The book provides a unique insight into the world of Apple and Nigel’s place within it. Of course we all know that The Beatles set the company up, but what soon becomes clear when reading ‘Inside No.3‘ is the extent of their operation and the other artists who were part of it. From Mary Hopkin to Splinter, and of course The Beatles themselves, Nigel documents various interesting artefacts which reflect their stories and connects them to his own life.
Inside No.3 is a beautifully photographed & well put together volume, which is so much more than a catalogue of items in a collection – it tells the story of Apple Corps itself. An excellent read and a glimpse into the heady days of the 60s & 70s.”


“Now being a Beatle fanatic and collector, I thought I had seen it all – how wrong can you be?! You might expect Nigel Pearce’s book to be just another re-hash of known facts and stories but it is so much more than that. The no.3 in question is The Beatles Apple headquarters on Saville Row London.
The authors collection of Apple records, memorabilia and ephemera is not only comprehensive but stunning. Although primarily a visual feast the accompanying text is both informative and entertaining.

Verdict – At last something different and fresh for your Beatles bookshelf.”

Eamonn Duff Mighty Music.

“Hi Nigel,

Thank you so much for your beautifully put-together “Inside Number Three.”

So many items I have never seen- or heard of – like the Frank Sinatra record for Maureen ,
and the “Our First Four” UK edition. And things that jog the memory like the short-lived Zapple records
project. Just a great book all around-especially the Apple Catalogue numbers list.

Am very glad you sent it! And will be showing it to my colleagues. Hope you and your family are well and will not be too terribly affected by
all the lunacy that is going around now. ”

Best regards—-Carol


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