Hot on the worldwide clamour for The Beatles new Get Back / Let it Be film, book and cd release, the first in a series of revealing and personally intimate books on The Beatles is to be published. The first is titled “Inside No3”, and it is a most revealing look at this late 60’s phenomenon called Apple via his own very private and personal collection of memorabilia that he has collected since 1968 when the first record was released.

It shows Records, Memos, Press Statements, Photographs, Invites, Letters, the like of which many of them have never ever been seen. Nigel goes on to explain along with the many beautiful photographs displaying these long-lost items, that The Beatles themselves were simply way ahead of everyone, and that is one of the reasons why they are still so influential in today’s market. It’s no lie, The Beatles changed the world in so many ways, it defies description.

Photographs of exceedingly rare records and packages adorn the pages, and Nigel owns every item displayed in this most revealing book. It is in fact a lifetime of devotion, and he is still adding to his own personal archives.

To find out more about this project Nigel can be contacted on www.insideandoutsideno3com where you will find some more updated information

Nigel is also the founder and co-ordination of the Splinter Legacy Project which is bringing back the group Splinter into the music world . Details can be found on, regarding their first two new albums for 45 years.



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