Welcome to www.InsideandoutsideNo3.com and to the first of a series of very special publications. They will be based around no 3 Saville Row London W.3 which was the Headquarters and base for Apple Records, the fabulous label owned and run by The Beatles.

The books will all be lavishly set, predominately with photographs of important artefacts from the company including records, leaflets, photographs, memos, pictures, drawings many of which have most likely never been seen by the majority of fans. A script detailing them will be included with each series of plates, but the plates will remain the main focus at all times.

These items are of massive historical and social importance being relevant and testimony to the greatest ever band in music history. Fifty years plus after they officially split, they still lead and dominant the music field, and interest remains worldwide and insatiable too.

The artefacts and memorabilia items that will be detailed here in the books all come from my own source, i.e. my personal collection, which has been well kept and cared for since I began collecting over 50 years ago. I have been reliably informed that they are worth a high monetary value, but sentimentally they are worth so much more, as they form the backbone of my life. The Beatles and their music have and will always be near, and a part of me and having the opportunity to share the memories with others was a chance I could not turn down.

Even when we were putting the photographic plates together, the comments coming from the team were remarkable for the condition as well as the content, and we hope that you will find the same connection and continued admiration for Apple Records, as well as The Beatles themselves.

Thank you

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Inside No3

Also we wish to announce the formation of www.splinterlegacy.com which is our sister site.



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